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Oinkmaster Documentation

These are the documents that are included in the latest Oinkmaster release.

  Manual page

Also note that the default oinkmaster.conf contains a lot of useful information and examples.

To read the latest snapshot of the ChangeLog
(for CVS version of Oinkmaster), go here.

Related contributed documentation

Installing and configuring Oinkmaster by Patrick Harper

How to stop Snort alerts from being generated / how to (not) ignore traffic by Andreas Ístling. This is a document I wrote a few years ago explaining different methods to turn off Snort alerts. It explains BPF filters, suppression, pass rules, rules rewriting and rules disabling. I did some minor updates to it to make it more current. Remember that the content reflects my personal opinions, which may not be valid in your environment, or even correct. The document does not contain any Oinkmaster-specific stuff, so it may be useful to anyone. Any feedback is appreciated.

Here is an Installation guide for Oinkmaster on Windows written by the people from winsnort.com

Do you know of any other document that should be here? Let me know!

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