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[2011-06-12]  Oinkmaster over 10 years old, updated contact information

New contact information is andreas_o@users.sourceforge.net. Oinkmaster is now over 10 years old. If you like to see a continued development, please see the "request for developers" news below. It's still valid.
[2008-02-19]  Updating the shared object rules (so_rules) with Oinkmaster

By using the latest nightly CVS snapshot tarball you can now keep track of the shared object rules (so_rules) with Oinkmaster. See question #34 in the FAQ.
[2008-02-10]  7th birthday and request for developers

That's right, today is Oinkmaster's 7th birthday! 7 years is a long time and Oinkmaster has always been an unpaid personal sparetime project with many hours dedicated to programming, testing and all kinds of different support. (Several people have mistakenly believed I'm sponsored by Sourcefire and that I get lots of $$$ - I wish!)

You may think the Oinkmaster project is dead because the lack of releases, but it's not. There are two main reasons for the lack of commits:
  1. It does exactly what I want and more, and as far as I know it works well for others too
  2. I no longer have the opportunity to dedicate as much time to the project
That being said, I'm interested in hearing if there are any people out there who think they could contribute with new ideas and code to the project. Drop me a mail, andreas_o@users.sourceforge.net.
[2006-10-22]  Flowbits dependency check

I added a simple flowbits dependency check to Oinkmaster, get the snapshot to try it out (See included ChangeLog for more info). It's there as a help so you don't accidentally disable rules that sets flowbits that other rules depend on. It's similar to what Snort does on startup but gives a little more information.
[2006-06-21]  Updated CVS links

I finally updated the CVS links and instructions to comply with Sourceforge's new system.
[2006-02-18]  Oinkmaster 2.0 released!

Oinkmaster 2.0 has been released. Get it from the download page. ChangeLog is here. The major version has been bumped to celebrate that Oinkmaster has now turned 5 years old.

[2006-01-27]  Contributed document - How to stop Snort alerts from being generated / how to (not) ignore traffic

I wrote a document a few years ago explaining different methods to turn off Snort alerts. It explains BPF filters, suppression, pass rules, rules rewriting and rules disabling. I've done some minor updates to it to make it more current. Get it here. Remember that the content reflects my personal opinions, which may not be valid in your environment, or even correct. The document does not contain any Oinkmaster-specific stuff, so it may be useful to anyone. Any feedback is appreciated.
[2005-10-21]  Contributed document - "Installing and configuring Oinkmaster"

Patrick Harper has created a document describing how to install and configure Oinkmaster, get it here.

If you have any related documentation that you think should be on the Oinkmaster site, please let me know.
[2005-03-09]  Updated docs

Instructions on how to update the community and/or Sourcefire VRT certified rules with Oinkmaster can be find in Q28 in the Oinkmaster FAQ.

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