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# $Id: UPGRADING,v 1.27 2006/01/28 21:41:31 andreas_o Exp $ #

Usually you just overwrite the old oinkmaster.pl file with the new one 
and then run as usual. A good tip though is to always have a quick look 
at the new documentation and default oinkmaster.conf for new options and 
features. Also, to be on the safe side it's recommended to do an extra 
backup of the rules first and to do a test run with -c (careful mode) to 
make sure you don't get unexpected results.

Here are a few notes about issues between specific versions that might 
require some attention. 

0.9 -> 1.0
You can now run without external binaries if you set use_external_bins 
to 0 in oinkmaster.conf and have the required Perl modules. It's set to 0 
by default on Win32 (since ActivePerl 5.8.1+ comes with the required Perl 
modules) and 1 by default on other system (i.e. keep old behavior).
Add "use_external_bins = 0" or "use_external_bins = 1" to override the 
default. See the new default oinkmaster.conf for more information.

Because the layout of the Snort rules archives has changed on 
www.snort.org, you must make sure that "url" is correctly set to point to 
the right version for your version of Snort. See oinkmaster.conf or the 
Oinkmaster FAQ for more information.

0.7 -> 0.8
The arguments to 'modifysid' are now regarded as regular expressions, 
so if you're using that, it may (or may not) mean that you have to 
adjust your arguments to reflect this. 

0.6 -> 0.7

When upgrading to 0.7, you should know that oinkmaster.conf will now
be searched for in /usr/local/etc/ by default (instead of in the current
directory). You will have to put it there or use the -C argument.

0.3 -> 0.4
The file oinkmaster.conf is now used for configuration. It's probably 
easiest to start with the new default config and apply your old 
customization to it. The "file" and "sid" keywords have been renamed to 
"skipfile" and "disablesid" respectively. Also, a few command line 
switches were removed since they're not needed anymore.
Please read the new documentation.

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